A Guide to Summer Skin

A Guide to Summer Skin

A Guide to Summer Skin

Summer is coming in hot and heavy and while you're having fun rolling around in all that salt and sand (and margaritas???) we thought we'd put together a handy little natural skincare guide on how you can keep glowing throughout this trying/drying time.

From shower to show time, check out our recommendations below.

Terra Firma Soap Bar for Body 

A good old clean (but not that stripped, squeaky kind) is always a great place to start on your path to summer glow-y goddess vibes. This is where Fair + Square Soaperies Terra Firma comes in. With a base blend of oils like shea, coconut and avocado, this soap bar bucks tradition and packs a moisturising punch.

Notes of patchouli, geranium, peru balsam and cinnamon leaf are delicate instead of clawing, is vegan and made sustainably in Northland and make for a refreshing start to our summer skincare guide.

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Resurfacing Scrub:

Who doesn't love sloughing away dead skin cells to feel all silky smooth again? The perfect primer for moisturising, NOTO Botanics Resurface Scrub does exactly what it says on the label.

It polishes your skin with natural alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) and walnut shell powder, while nurturing it with goodies like Vits b5 and E. A little peppermint oil leaves you feeling fresh along with a hint of blood orange for a citrus tang. Use it anywhere you need up to two times a week - just make sure you use a solid SPF when in the sun as AHA's can make you a little more sensitive than usual!

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Fur Oil:

This time of year means that shaving and/or waxing is a common occurrence which means so are ingrowns, so what better body oil to your bach kit than Fur Oil. 

The blend of oils (think grape seed and jojoba as a base) are lightweight but still incredibly moisturising, so you don't need to worry about becoming a walking slip and slide.

Where Fur Oil really comes into its own, however, is the mix of antibacterial/anti-inflammation natural oils like tea tree and clary sage that help chill your skin out and reduce redness and bumps.

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The Miracle Oil:

While we don't pick favourites, if we did, this oil would be up there. Made for everywhere but a particularly good moisture infusion for your face when you're feeling a little bland, we like to layer it over serums (or use by itself) before bed to wake up feeling fresh and hydrated.

We particularly love the slightly savoury rosemary oil scent. As it's a natural blend of oils, it needs a little shake before use but it's so gentle and neutral that we've even used it with a derma roller for that extra hydration hit (although if you've just used the NOTO Resurfacing Scrub, maybe give your skin a little break before introducing a derma roller).

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Gold Glow and Hydra Highlighter Sticks:

So now that we've cleansed, scrubbed and moisturised, it's time for a little shimmer. Enter NOTO Botanics Gold Glow and Hydra Highlighter Sticks, two tones of summer gold-y goodness which are perfect for sliding on check bones, bows of lips and eyes before heading out the door.

Both are dewey and build up colour - the Gold Glow is a gold hue while the Hydra Highlighter is more champagne toned. They moisturise and are made from natural ingredients that are primarily organic. Small but mighty, your stick will last all summer long and then some.

The packaging is a winner too - made from 45% consumer waste, they're fully recyclable when emptied.

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